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Fabulous Bamboo Hair Wraps

Hair towels made from sustainably sourced bamboo? Have you tried these Hubalou hair wraps yet!? If not, these wraps are a must-try item that I use every single time I wash my hair, great for kid’s fine hair too! Wondering what makes these so much better than terry cloth towel drying? Check it out below!

These towels really are amazing for anyone with hair they want to protect, however, these are especially amazing for curly or frizz-prone hair! 

  • Unlike synthetic microfiber, these are smooth and natural!
  • Made from sustainable, ultra-absorbent Bamboo!
  • More gentle than hair ripping terrycloth
  • Great for curly-haired girls and smooth curls!
  • Super lightweight, never bulky
  • Keeps hair out of my face while doing makeup
  • Cuts down on blowdry time
  • Can be slept in to protect hair
  • Tames frizz

Source: https://www.theorganicbunny.com

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